What Information to Include

The information that you choose to include in a real estate website will make a large difference in the interest shown by your site visitors. If the content is engaging, informative, and fills the needs of the individuals reading it, they will be less likely to leave for another destination. What type of information do real estate customers want? Well, that might vary from person to person.

For example, a young couple buying their first home might be interested in the home buying process itself while an elderly couple will most likely be more interested in knowing the location of certain facilities relative to the homes they are viewing. Perhaps a business professional is relocating to the area and would like to know how to get in touch with various utility companies and does not know where to find the appropriate contact information. Still yet a married couple with children will most likely be concerned with the quality of various schools in the area.

As you can see, in order to consider all the different scenarios, your site will need to have a variety of realty information designed to speak to a diverse audience of home sellers and buyers. Accomplishing this will take time and effort not to mention skill and forethought. Selecting material that will appeal to the widest group(s) is a great place to start.

Specialized Information for Real Estate

When you consider the various demographics mentioned above, you may have noticed that all of those individuals mentioned fit into one of two other groups – buyers and sellers.

Since the visitors will all be either buyers or sellers, it makes sense to begin building your content from this perspective first. There are a number of ways to add content your site though. Do you want to have a blog? What about featuring articles discussing techniques for buying and selling real estate? If you choose to present articles, will they be ones you write or will you gather them from a content or article network? Advantages come from both sources, however, you will want to contemplate the effects of your choice and act appropriately.

Homes and Property Listings

Another type of content that visitors of a real estate web site will be interested in viewing is the actual listings that are in the MLS. However, from a web site development standpoint, these too can be presented through a variety of methods. Two main delivery methods will be considered nest.

An IDX link is perhaps the most widely used method for displaying listings on a real estate web site. Actually, this method usually consists of multiple links rather than just one link. These links are for displaying various groups of data such as your own listings, listings for the real estate office you belong to, and perhaps even a link that allows your visitors to search the entire MLS.

An alternative method for delivering real estate listings that come from the MLS is by obtaining a data push or feed from the MLS. Implementing this method is more involved than utilizing an IDX link. When you implement a data push, your site automatically retrieves the data from the MLS and builds your database with the information it obtains. Since the data is in your database, you are free to build pages from that data and completely write your own user interface through which your site visitors will interact with the data. Which method to choose depends on many factors, including your budget.

So, as we’ve discussed there are various factors to consider when you design a web site for real estate and each aspect has more than one approach to its implementation and when you decide to construct your web site these factors must be considered.